Water for the Weekend!!

So we are all aware that we should be drinking water regularly, especially if we are active. The average recommendation is about an ounce per two pounds of body weight (divide your weight in half and that number is your ounce count for the day).

This is a friendly reminder to drink your water 🙂 If you are not in the mood for counting ounces, just think * 1 glass when you wake up and 1 glass before you go to bed, 1 glass before your workout and 1 glass after your workout. Have no hesitation in your hydration 😉

With Love & Gratitude, Works of Light

5 New Teachers!!!

Hello everyone!! In the last couple of months, we have added FIVE new teachers that we are very excited about. Lizzy, Melanie, James, Christie and Nichole have brought their Love Knowledge and Talent to Works of Light. We are also happy to announce Three New Classes! Acro Yoga, Dharma Flow and Pranayama & Meditation sessions. Check out our updated schedule. You can sign up in person or online at

Honor Labor Day with Yoga

Labor Day is a holiday honoring the working people of the US and Canada.  Yoga is a great way to practice gratitude and relaxation.  Our classes this Labor Day Monday will give special attention to Gratitude and Relaxation.
9:30am – Morning Hatha w/ Jen

12:15pm – Gentle Flow w/ Jen (subbing for Amanda)

5:30pm – Intro to Yoga w/ Kermit

7:00pm – Meditative Yoga w/ Kermit

Beginning Meditation

When people ask me about trying meditation and I sense hesitation, a lot of the time, they have three main concerns that they don’t usually say out loud.  1.) I can’t sit down for a long time with out hurting.  2.) I am very nervous about being alone with myself without external distraction.  3.) I don’t think I can do it right because my thoughts keep racing on anyway.
What they usually don’t realize is that I myself had those same concerns before I started a regular meditation practice. As a facilitator of group meditations, I am very mindful of these concerns. In fact, my model of facilitation was born out of addressing the common challenges associated with meditation.
Hope to connect with you in a session soon

Intimidated by Meditation?

Growing up, I had younger siblings.  My brother never wanted to take a bath on his on volition.  Our mom would have to beg, plead and threaten him in order to get him in the tub.  He would always reason that he was going to get dirty again the next day anyway, so there was no need to bathe. Once in the tub however, the problem switched.  After relaxing in the warm water and playing with his floating action figures he would not want to get out. …even as the water started to get cold  …and then another round of begging and threatening would ensue.

During the pre-bath exchange, my mom would explain to him that as soon as he got in he would love it and resist getting out.  For some reason, he was never convinced and it would take until we were teenagers before his own desire to be clean and social kicked in.

When I am asked about the “difficulty” of meditation, or more specifically, when someone tells me that they want to have a guided meditation session but fear that it is too hard or requires too much stillness, internally I chuckle and think of my brother not wanting to get into the bath tub.  Usually, the person is already aware of the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of meditation and can even list them off to me.  After the internal chuckle, usually my next thought is that she or he just might just be looking for that extra push into doing something wonderful for him or herself.

Consider this your friendly push 🙂


Benefits of Morning Practice

Benefits of Morning Practice: micro and macro

Near the end of teacher training, my classmates and I each taught our first full class, implementing what we learned and incorporating our own style & expression as a part of the program’s completion. We each set intentions at the beginning of our teaching practice. My intention was a three-part metaphor, beginning with the micro, incorporating the macro with subtle attention to the über macro.
The micro was to still the mind while staying present to the moment through breath and asana. The micro is played out in our daily practice. We practice calming our minds while staying as present as our breath to the eternal moment.
As our bodies move through the practice, we are setting the foundation for the macro, moving through the rest of the day. Just as the morning practice has its calm beginning’s, it’s ups and downs and then comes to a rest lying flat, quite often so does a day out in the world.
So one of the benefits of the morning practice is finding our peace and center and taking it with us throughout the entire day. …which ultimately we extend through the entirety of life 😊

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