Benefits of Morning Practice

Benefits of Morning Practice: micro and macro

Near the end of teacher training, my classmates and I each taught our first full class, implementing what we learned and incorporating our own style & expression as a part of the program’s completion. We each set intentions at the beginning of our teaching practice. My intention was a three-part metaphor, beginning with the micro, incorporating the macro with subtle attention to the über macro.
The micro was to still the mind while staying present to the moment through breath and asana. The micro is played out in our daily practice. We practice calming our minds while staying as present as our breath to the eternal moment.
As our bodies move through the practice, we are setting the foundation for the macro, moving through the rest of the day. Just as the morning practice has its calm beginning’s, it’s ups and downs and then comes to a rest lying flat, quite often so does a day out in the world.
So one of the benefits of the morning practice is finding our peace and center and taking it with us throughout the entire day. …which ultimately we extend through the entirety of life 😊

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