-Gentle Flow w/ Amanda  1:00-2:00pm

-Yoga for Life w/ Lizzy  5:30-6:30pm

-Meditative Yoga w/ Kermit  7:00-8:15pm



-Gentle Flow w/ Amanda  12:15-1:15pm

Yoga for Life w/ Melanie  5:30-6:30pm

Meditative Yoga w/ Kermit  7:00-8:15pm


Gentle Flow w/ Melanie  12:15pm-1:15pm

-Mixed-Level Flow  w/ Melanie 5:30-6:45pm


-Donation with Kermit and other facilitators  5:30-6:30pm


-Mixed-Level Flow  Variable Instructors 10:00am-11:15am

Asana and African Dance w/ Bianca Hargrett 6:00-7:00pm


-Vinyasa Flow w/ Maria 10am-11:15am

-Pranayama & Meditation w/ James 2:00pm-2:45pm

Class Descriptions:

Gentle Flow

A gentle and slow-moving Hatha and Kripalu-styled class with a focus on relaxation practices, mindfulness and breath awareness. This mat-based class is appropriate for all ages and abilities. Participants do not need to be flexible nor fit to participate. The class is designed to stretch and strengthen the body, increase balance, improve posture, and help cope with health challenges. Beginners welcome.

Yoga for Life

Designed for those who are just beginning a practice. For many, it may seem intimidating to jump into a yoga class that has regular participants, fast paced transitions and seemingly complicated body poses. Introduction to Yoga mindfully helps beginners gain confidence and strength by focusing on body awareness, pairing breath and motion as well as foundations of posture that make transitioning into a more challenging practice safe and comfortable.

Meditative Yoga

The focus of this class is to help participants synthesize two important aspects of Yoga, Dhyana (meditation) and Asana (body postures). This class includes a guided meditation paired with flowing body poses of varying intensity. Participants will gain a sound model of meditation practice, accompanied by physical practice. This helps in setting the foundation for carrying the peace and confidence gained on the yoga mat into the outside world of everyday life.

Mixed-Level Flow

In a traditional flow structure, this class typically begins with centering and breath awareness, followed by warm-up movements, linking breath with movement, building toward more challenging poses, including standing and arm balance and core-strengthening poses, concluding with relaxation and meditation. It is recommended that those brand new to yoga first take Intro to Yoga or Gentle Yoga before this class.

Yin Yoga

The focus of yin is to bring deep relaxation to both the mind and body while digging deep beyond superficial layers to increase flexibility and help regulate the flow of energy. In this class postures are often held for 3- 5 minutes at a time to help target deep connective tissues, move past the muscle and be mindful to areas that encompass a joint. This class is appropriate for all ages and abilities and focuses on healing beyond just the physical body. The more meditative approach of yin teaches you to really listen to your body and is perfect for complementing other styles of yoga or different forms of physical activity.


AcroYoga is the delightful practice of exploring movement with another human. The practice consists of a base, flyer, and spotter in order to ensure adequate safety and fun. The base supports the flyers weight as they synchronously move through shapes, yoga poses, and flows with their bodies. The beautiful thing about AcroYoga is that you can’t practice alone. AcroYoga instill trust within ourselves and our partner, it teaches how to properly communicate and to fully and wholly commit to your shape and movements. Acro trains extraordinary body awareness, breath awareness, and patience. AcroYoga creates community, forms connection, establishes peace, and generates wisdom.

Morning Flow

Wake up the body, calm the mind and create a perfect platform to start your day. Students will be led through a traditional flow style class as we connect breath awareness to body movement. This class begins with centering the mind, moves through gentle warm ups, works its way into strength building postures and ends with postures to cool down the body leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Suitable for all levels and can be adjusted to individual needs.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa Flow is a meditative practice, allowing breath to guide the body mindfully as it moves through space. The class is designed with adequate alignment and plenty of variations and modifications to serve students of all skill levels, promoting exploration of movement. Vinyasa Flow is beginner friendly, though some yoga experience will always be beneficial. We will explore through a variety of asanas, or physical postures, that both stretch and strengthen muscles in the whole body. The goal is not to achieve a pose, but to incite self discovery, release tension, and create peace within.

Donation Class

We like to think of donation classes as something like yoga appreciation. Many studios offer them on Fridays and it is a great class to end the week with. It is called “donation” because there is no set monetary requirement. People pay nothing or as much as they want to “donate”. It is a good class for new people wanting to try it out as well as for experienced people to continue their practice another day of the week. Donation classes are aimed at all levels, and the style varies from week to week and from facilitator to facilitator.

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