Shavasana and the Snooze Alarm

In yoga class this weekend I had an interesting reflection. As we began shavasana (corpse pose) I had been watching the clock on our descent to be sure to leave room for a ten minute relaxation pose. By the time we landed for shavasana, we had eight minutes left instead of my desired ten. As I was preparing to bring us out of it I reflected that the eight minutes of serious relaxation is the same amount of time allotted by my snooze alarm. But somehow, my snooze alarm never seems to be as long or as relaxing as shavasana LOL. Have an Awesome week!!

Remember to Breath

Mindfulness in your breath… So when you stop today to take a breathing break, try putting your mind’s attention on nothing else. Some times during a hectic day we will pause to take a deep breath…however, though we are expanding our lungs more intentionally, often our minds will still be attached to a source of our tension.

Consider exchanging all your thoughts for focus on the sensation of your breath…closing your eyes may help 🙂 Specifically, the sensation of the air passing into your nostrils, the sensation under your ribs at fuller inhale, the sensation of your body drawing in and softening as you slowly exhale, the awareness of your heartbeat that often accompanies deep breathing…just a few things to “think” about instead of anything else.

With Love & Gratitude, Works of Light

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