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Come Celebrate our One Year Anniversary with FREE YOGA and WORKSHOPS all day!!!!

                                                     Thursday, October 5th, 2017 @ 7:45pm (Free Admission)

                                               Community Conversations: Relationship Lights & Shadows Part 2

Join us for this week’s community conversation where we will be discussing the challenges as well as the fulfillment that comes from welf-work in the context of a loving pair bond.

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 @ 7:45pm (Free Admission)

Community Conversations: Relationship Lights & Shadows

Join us for this week’s community conversation where we will be discussing the challenges as well as the fulfillment that comes from welf-work in the context of a loving pair bond.


Goddess Gathering: A Celebration of Womanhood
Sunday March 26th, 2017 3:30pm-5:00pm (Free Admission)

Join us for our monthly women’s circle as we share stories, hold space for clearing intentions and healing, set new intentions, and celebrate affirmations and each other! We strive to time each meeting with the new moon, a fertile time for planting of all kinds 🙂

Free and open to the public! Some activities will invite light movement and breath awareness for those who wish to participate. Goddesses young, and young at heart, are welcome! Share this event with a goddess you know and love ❤


Thursday, March 23rd 2017 @7:45 pm (Free Admission)

Community Conversations: Expressions of Oneness

In this week’s talk, we will be continuing the themes started last time out.  Here is a link to the last talk on our Facebook page:


Goddess Gathering: A Celebration of Womanhood
Sunday February 26th, 2017 2pm-3:15pm (Free Admission)
“A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey…but a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.”    -Unknown

What can happen when women come together? We can celebrate each other, we can heal, we can grow stronger. Our first monthly gathering, timed with the new moon, will offer:

-A story to inspire you
-A community circle to welcome you
-Intention clearing and setting
-Reflection through creative expression (writing and/or drawing)

Free and open to the public! Goddesses young and young at heart are welcome! Share this event with a goddess you know and love ❤😊✨


Saturday February 11th, 2017 Workshop 3pm-5pm

Discover Your Mind-Body Health: Ayurveda 101

Your longest-standing, and most important, relationship is the one you have with yourself! Give yourself the gift of love through self-care for Valentine’s Day.
This workshop offers the opportunity to:
*Learn about Ayurveda, an ancient mindfulness-based approach to health
*Identify your unique mind-body type
*Learn mindful practices for a lifestyle that aligns with your unique nature
*Participate in an intro-level yoga class designed to help balance the different mind-body types
*Receive take-home resources to guide you in making simple changes for more balanced health
Singles and couples are welcome! No previous experience with yoga required. Mats will be provided.

Cost: $25 per person



Thursday February 9th, 2017 (Free Admission) 7:45pm

Community Conversation: Revenge and Forgiveness Part 2

We are told to forgive and forget…however, most if given the chance would opt for revenge. Why is forgiveness so difficult and revenge so seemingly gratifying? In our next two community talks, we will discuss the importance and methods for forgiveness as well as the aluring entrapment of revenge.
February 2nd, 7:45pm -Revenge
February 9th, 7:45pm -Forgiveness



YOGA STUDIO GRAND OPENING – January 21st, 2017!!

Free Yoga, Free Workshops and Discounted Packages All Day

Free Yoga Sessions:
9:00am-10am Yoga w/ Kermit
11am-12noon Yoga w/ Megan
3pm-4:15pm Yoga w/ Niki

Free Workshops:
10:15am-10:45am Introduction to Meditation
Kermit Harrison
1pm-2pm Muscular/Skeletal Health
Dr Y.L. Hill, Chiropractor
5pm-6pm Aroma Theropy and Emotional Health
Kate Taluga, Herbalist

6:30 pm-until Drum Circle & Kirtan

  • Thursday January 19th, 2017 7:45pm (Free admission)

Community Conversation:  The Excitements and the Horrors of “Friends w/ Benefits”

Though this interaction accounts for a great deal of our social relations, it is also the source of a great deal of heartache. For better or for worse, “friends with benefits” is something that many of us have participated in, and though we know it is difficult and risky to sustain we still proceed. Come join us for a community talk on the excitement and the horror.  (feel free to bring lightweight folding chairs)

  •  Thursday Nov 17th, 2016 7:45pm (Free admission)

Community Conversation: Work Harder or Leave the Relationship? Knowing when to hold and when to fold.

Part of knowing and defining one’s self is knowing and setting boundaries, boarders and expectations…unfortunately, its also true that one way to ruin a good relationship is thru misplaced attention to those same issues.  As a result, many people in intimate relationships find themselves at a fork in the road. At some point they end up wrestling with how to know if they simply need more personal insight on how to turn up the fire of passion, communicate more authentically and deepen the connection, or if they have reached the end of the positive growth and development with that person and all that is left is to end it …or endure emotional turmoil, resentment and feeling unfulfilled while miserably wishing the relationship would just dissolve on its own.

In this Thursday’s talk, we will be focusing on how not to throw the baby out with the bath water and also how to know when enough really is enough.

  • Thursday Nov 3rd, 2016 7:45pm (Free admission)

Community Conversation: Loving Yourself and Loving Others:
Maximizing the spiritual health of our relationships.

There are many popular adages and lines of advice associated with having positive relationships. “You must love yourself first”, “Your relationship has to be spiritual not physical”, “Commitment commitment commitment” just to name a few.
In this edition of the community conversation, we will be discussing these issues, as well as others, as we work towards synthesizing these notions for practical understanding and application.  Facilitated by Kermit

  • Thursday Oct 20th, 2016  7:45pm

Community Conversations: God, Spirit, Mind & Body: A comfortable conversation about issues we ponder.  Facilitated by Kermit

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